Workspace selection per device

  1. 5 years ago

    How does a workspace is selected when installed on a device with a resolution that has no exact workspace?
    For example, if I prepare a 16x9 workspace for iPhone 6 (1334 x 750) and the app is installed on iPhone 6 plus (full HD, which is also 16x9)?

  2. Giancarlo N

    29 Dec 2015 Administrator

    Hello Ran,
    to make it short, if you include many dimensions in your output package, the app (ios or android) will show you the workspace that better suit the device screen proportion.
    If there are many outputs available with the same best suitable proportion it takes the one with height and width most close to the current device height and width.
    Then it auto adjusts zoom in order to have the desirable aspect without distortions.

  3. I understand. Sound good, thanks.

  4. Giancarlo, I've tested what you've wrote, and what I see is that the selected workspace (per OS) is the one with the closest height and/or width, but not the one that "better suit the device screen proportion".
    For example:
    I have 2 workspaces for Android: 1280x800 (w/h = 1.6) and 640x360 (w/h = 1.777 = 16x9). When creating the second workspace, I selected page size 640x360 (defined as "Android 5" in the drop-down menu) assuming the proportion has priority over size (640x360 = 16x9).
    However, when I installed it on my LG G3 (screen resolution 2560x1440), the workspace that was selected is 1280x800, with 16x10 aspect ration, as oppose to the correct 16x9 aspect ratio one.
    See phone screenshot here:
    What an I doing wrong?

  5. Moreover, even if I set the 2nd Android to 1920x1080 and install it on an LG G3 (2560x1440), I see that the selected resolution is 1280x800, which doesn't make sense at all: the correct aspect ratio AND the closest resolution is 1920x1080 !

  6. Giancarlo N

    7 Jan 2016 Administrator

    I am digging into it right now.

  7. Giancarlo N

    11 Jan 2016 Administrator

    Bug solved, thank for your analysis.
    it will be released with the new version

  8. Great, thanks! I want to release my book to the app stores this week, when is the next release planned?

  9. Hi Giancarlo,

    Thanks for the detailed answer.

    On the same topic, I understand that the new generation of iPads are in 2048x1536 ppi. However, there is no such option in PubCoder.

    Should I go ahead and manually set the resolution and type in the numbers, and then create a 2nd workspace for 1024x768 for old iPads?

    If I do so, when switching to the 1024 workspace, I can see that all the BG images stay in place, but the "zoom" attribute changes to 0.5. How does this work in terms of ppi? Here is why I'm asking this:

    The BG images that I have for the book are JPG and PNG files, in the resolution of 2048x1356. The filesize is something around 6.5 MB. Now, in the 1024 workspace, the zoom attribute gets 0.5 (practically means scaling down to 50%). I wondered if this will also reduce the filesize on an old generation iPad, resulting in a faster load?


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