Does Google Play support audio- picture books for kids?

  1. 8 months ago

    Hi there everyone who reads this!
    Firstly thanks in advance for your help,
    I have a series of children's audio- picture books (that I sell on Apple Books) where the audio can be played by clicking a Sound Icon on the page.
    The files I uploaded to Apple are epub and work 100% fine.

    I now wish to offer these on Google Play Books - so opened an account and uploaded the file (presently awaiting the book to be approved)
    So in the meantime I uploaded a epub to Google Play Books viewer to see if the file would open and play the audio, IT DOES NOT!

    Does Google Play Books (let's call them GPB for ease please :)) have the ability to host picture books with audio?

    If so how do i create and upload a book?

    Open for solutions please

    Again thanks in advance


    PS can I upload audio- picture books to Amazon and Kindle too?

  2. 5 months ago

    Hi Simon
    I made a children's ebook, which works perfectly in Apple books like yours, I have uploaded it to Google (GPB) still waiting for approval.
    I was wandering if you got the audio problem fixed for Google? Why didnt it work ?

    PLeaase give me a link to your Apple/GPB ebook. I would like to see your work.

    I'm not trying to promote my book but if you are interested, I have audio on my book that starts automatically for each page.
    I have a website about it ....

    It would be good to compare notes with other Pubcoder users, who make similar stuff.

    Thanks Simon

    Jacob Kerry


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