Publishing in Amazon app store

  1. 5 years ago

    Is it the same as google play store?
    Which binary should I upload: "Ad Hoc Distribution" or "Google Play Store" distribution?

  2. Giancarlo N

    26 Jan 2016 Administrator

    as far as we experienced, even if supported formats for publishing in Amazon Book Store includes also epub and html (formats ), we suggest you to create a KF8 (mobi) file, that address all the limitations imposed on Kindle devices. For example all interactions are removed to obtain a compliant mobi file.

  3. I understand. Still, since I have a lot of interactions, KF8 is irrelevant. I'm not interested in the "regular" kindle devices, only in the Kindle Fire, which is practically an Android device. In that case - what should I upload?

  4. Giancarlo N

    26 Jan 2016 Administrator

    Ad hoc distribution should be ok. I suggest you to follow this instructions and test your app before publishing.
    Consider the apk requires Android 4.4 to work properly, so only devices with at least FireOS 4 will be compliant with your app.
    Please let us know the outcomes


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