Not loading ePub Ipad Air

  1. 6 years ago

    Hello, We're new to pubcoder and we started doing a demo to learn how it works . We have 2 types of ipads in our office an Ipad Mini 2 and an Ipad Air.

    Ipad mini 2 - running ios. 9.2.1
    Ipad Air - running latest 9.3.1
    Iphone 6S - running latest 9.3.1

    Problem is: we export epub , load it into iBooks on iPad Mini 2 (ios 9.2.1) , loads the book, but the animations are lagging and we suspect this is because of the old device so we go to iPad Air (9.3.1) .

    Same process: Load the epub -> open in iBooks -> pop-up with the export, but the book doesn't load, neither the thumbnail in the iBook Library , it just doesnt do nothing so we cant test.

    We restarted the iPAD , we exported 2-3 times the ePub, nothing seems to solve the issue. Any suggestions ?

    I can make the ePub available for anybody who is willing to help us solve this problem. Thank you.

    Deveo Media Studio

  2. Paolo A

    12 Apr 2016 Administrator

    There is an issue with the latest iOS 9.2 and 9.3 releases, in general the "open in iBooks" link does not work. Waiting for Apple to update iOS with the patch. Meanwhile you can synchronize through iTunes - very awkward but working.


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