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  1. 6 years ago

    Hey there! I was wondering if using the drawing widget, you can later on use the drawing which your stakeholder drew and re-use it in different slides - if it's not possible is there a chance it will be?

  2. Paolo A

    7 Jun 2016 Administrator

    Would be a fantastic feature, unfortunately we do not have a system that "saves" a specific status of a page to be re-used. We do not have it yet, but we are thinking on how to...it won't be soon though...stay tuned!

    PubCoder CTO & Founder

  3. ...or a way of "sending" the drawing would be great. It's a terrific widget -the ability to save or screen grab
    or e-mail is really essential to make it a workable feature for the enduser - so glad you are working on this.
    Love Pubcoder - it's great

  4. Any progress on this feature?

  5. Paolo A

    4 Nov 2016 Administrator

    Not yet


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