Missing language in App store info

  1. 7 years ago


    I've published my app on the App store in 3 languages (localizations) : English (default), Spanish, Italian.

    BIG PROBLEM: Although all 3 languages are available once the App's been downloaded, Spanish DOES NOT APPEAR in the App store information (only English and Italian appear as available languages).
    It's as if the Spanish didn't exist, I've had friends look it up in South America and they can only find it/it only appears in English instead of automatically switching to Spanish.

    Grateful for any help, thanks.

  2. Paolo A

    2 Jan 2017 Administrator


    this has to do with the core localization of the app. Will look further into it.

  3. Thanks Paolo,

    As you can imagine I'm really counting on a solution for this since a big chunk of my market cannot at present visualize the App in their localized store.


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