failed to build Android App

  1. 8 years ago

    using window 8.1 , I'm testing pubcoder window beta version, after finishing the project , i tried to publish as android app, i have filled all the required information but finally i got an error saying "an error occurred while copying files"
    i tried so many ways to build the android but all effort went in vain.
    i created a blank project with a single page and just a text on it then try to build an android app but that same error came back staring at me .
    Note... i have install android sdk and Java and configured them correctly

  2. After posting this ,an update came in from pubcoder, after installing the update , while building the android app, a brand new error came up saying , failed to build

  3. Giancarlo N

    4 Sep 2015 Administrator

    Does your Book Title name contain special characters?
    If so please remove them (for example & \ / cause build error).

  4. Thanks for the reply , the problem is now fixed, i uninstall and re-install android sdk making sure i install the tools in the android sdk, something i didn't do earlier , and that fixed the problem,
    Thanks alot , God bless you

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