parental gate on a web link

  1. 4 years ago

    I have to build in a parental gate to a weblink I put in the app. We realy would like to keep the link in the app so we have to make this gate.

    Is there a way pubcoder can make such a safety pup-up (parental gate)?

    Hope to here from you soon.

    Best Regards, Thies

  2. Hi,
    Can you explain a bit more what you want to do ? You want "the parent" to say yes or no before the weblink opens up in a browser ? Or you want to load the weblink target on a new pubcoder page ?

  3. Hi, The first thing you're saying. So the parent has to help before the kid can go on. I'm not for sure if this lock must have a generator that changes the puzzel? Or if it can be always the same question?

    I Have now put in some kind of a dubble gate. The first one is asking to click the highest number in a row of 5. and the second one is a calculation with is difficult for a 5 year old kid. But it will always be the same questions now. And I'm not sure if thats allowed?


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