Cut pages from one project to another

  1. 4 years ago

    Can i Copy let's say 10 pages from my one project to a new project? or do i have to redo everything on the new project.

  2. Not sure, but you might have to copy the pages individually. You'll find copy page on the edit drop down menu.

  3. Angelo S

    13 Oct 2017 Administrator

    Of course you can, select them in the bottom panel in the project window, then right-click one of them and select "copy pages", then go to the destination project and hit CMD-V (or CTRL-V if you are using Windows) to paste them.

    To select multiple pages, just cmd-click them (or ctrl-click them if you are on Windows). If you have to select many contiguous pages, select the first, then shift-click the last.

  4. Awesome, thanks, Angelo.

  5. Angelo S

    16 Oct 2017 Administrator

    Obviously the same solution can be used for moving multiple pages at once, just select many pages then drag them all...

  6. Thank you Angelo. will try that. the other issue is that once i start selecting a few pages, the program bombs out.

  7. Hi,
    I've just tried this and it didn't work! The page and objects 'copied' across blank, with a 'forbidden' circle against all the layers. I tried to copy the assets and that didn't work either. Only thing I can think of is that the source project was portrait and the destination landscape, but surely that shouldn't matter? This would be a major problem for me if it does as I have two pages/activities that need to be used in portrait whilst everything else is in landscape.

  8. Angelo S

    23 Feb 2018 Administrator

    They were probably added in a non-default rendition since the beginning. Let me guess:
    You created the source project as landscape, initially, but then switched to non-default portrait rendition and worked here: if you switch the source project rendition to the default, you will see the same exact situation you see in the "destination" actually.
    To workaround this situation, do the opposite in the "destination" project: create it with the wrong orientation (portrait), then switch to non-default landscape rendition. Then paste the objects: at this point, the renditions of the source and destination will not match, causing PubCoder to copy only the source rendition into the destination one.

  9. Hi,
    I'm aware that I'll see the same thing happen if I switch a project from portrait to landscape. I discovered that whilst tinkering with settings in an attempt to solve the issue above. However, I don't see how doing that would solve my problem, other than proving that it can be replicating without attempting a copy/paste? I've just altered my settings to alert me if there's a reply on threads so hopefully someone will get back to me quickly as this is pretty urgent now. I did email support/Anna about it but haven't had a reply.

  10. Angelo S

    28 Feb 2018 Administrator

    Lisa, read my answer again and do the process. Create a NEW destination project and choose portrait orientation in the "new project" dialog, then switch to non-default landscape rendition, then paste your page.

  11. Hi,
    Thanks. I returned to the source (which was correctly set as default portrait) and switched it to landscape and for whatever reason it worked, just from changing it within the renditions menu rather than the button on the menu bar which was what I was doing before. Thanks for your patience!


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