Pubcoder 3 counter object

  1. 4 years ago

    I've been playing with Pubcoder 3 on my Mac (still on Sierra, btw) for several weeks now as I put together interactive ebooks for local museums. I'm having trouble with the counter object and the documentation is pretty scanty in this regard, with little explanatory text to explain what the images show!

    I'm trying to create a 'drag and drop' game that ends with a congratulatory image once all the elements have been dragged into their proper places. In this case, I have a 'paper doll' of sorts of a WW1 soldier and the idea is that the kids drag bits of him into the proper places- helmeted head, jacket, etc. Once the 'paper doll' is fully dressed I wanted to trigger a rotating image of a firework.

    My problem occurs because whilst I can make the counter object work as expected for ONE dragged item, or a defined sequence of dragged items (i.e., if the helmet is always dragged first, the jacket second and so on), I want it to be random. I want the counter to increase REGARDLESS of the order in which the items are dragged. I do have it set that as soon as an item is dragged into place it is not possible to drag that object again, so there's no confusion there with inadvertently keeping the counter going.

    How do I do this? How do I tell the counter object that once it has detected two 'increase counter' events (I've kept the target number to 2, by the way) it should activate the 'Reached Target Value' action no matter which object has triggered the 'increase counter' in which order?

    Hope you can help!

  2. Paolo A

    22 Jan 2018 Administrator

    Hi Lisa,

    I think we managed to figure out this via support, correct? Let us know if you have any further issues.

  3. We did, yes! Sorry, just seen this.

    Could I ask that the documentation is updated asap? Because that seems to be a major problem here and must create an unnecessary support burden on yourselves. For example, I had to email support to find out how to get the masked image widget working! Turned out to be super simple — both the image to be masked and the 'mask' image itself need to be the same size, which was logical on reflection but info that should be in your documentation already. But honestly, I'm still in love with this software. Wish I'd discovered it before now!


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