Read Aloud doesn't work, but it works in Rizzoli fairy tales

  1. 4 years ago

    assumption: on iBooks and Adobe Digital Edition the read-aloud of my ebook works.
    I view the ebooks also with Huwawei Mate with Android and the Google Play Books App.
    I know that the read aloud depends on the ebook reader, but then why read aloud
    in Google Play Books works with fairy tales (ex: Tom Thumb) made by Rizzoli with PubCoder
    and does not work with my epub?
    I use the ultimate version of PubCoder for Windows.
    The ebook epub file that I created and uploaded it in Google Play Books,
    which does not work the read-aloud and in the controls on the top right of Google Play Books does not appear the "play" button (gray triangle) for start reading aloud.
    In the fairy tales of the Rizzoli that "play" button can be seen and it is active.

    Do I have to provide additional code? Or other?
    Thank you

  2. Paolo A

    16 Apr 2018 Administrator

    Hello Damiana,

    seems unfair, but you must have an account with Google Play Books to make readaloud work. That is why it works with other books. You need to contact the Play Books department for this.


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