Scrollbar not visible on tablet/Ipad

  1. 3 years ago

    Hi everyone! I inserted a scrollbar in the text box in my project, the bar in question is not visible in devices like ipad and tablet, why? in this way the user is not able to understand that the text is flowing.

    I wait a reply,

  2. Hi Francesca,
    When you say you inserted a scroll bar in the text box do you mean as an image or did you code one using css / html?

  3. Hi, i inserted a scroll bar in the text box simply selecting the text and activating the option avaible in the menu on the right "sliding", from there the bar appears in the preview, but is not visible by opening the project in other devices, nothing appears that indicates that you can scroll the text.

  4. Hi, I can't seem to find the "sliding" option, are you using pubcoder 3 Mac version? I am looking in the selection dialogue box but all I have when choosing a text box is (font, size, colour, shadow, Horizontal align, Vertical Align, selectable, scrollable).

  5. I using PubCoder 3 Windows version, however I have activated the sliding option that you have too to the "scrollable" voice.

  6. Angelo S

    12 Oct 2018 Administrator

    Hello Francesca,
    that behavior is determined by the OS. Scrollbars only appear when user is actually scrolling, unless using a mouse with a wheel. You can insert something (e.g. image, text or animation) in your layout to tell the user to scroll.


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