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  1. 4 years ago

    Hi, i want to scroll a long vertical image but have a frame on top of it. I've seen the scroll page option, but it doesn't allow me to scroll only the internal part of the image (with is a level under the frame). I found a possible solution inserting a image gallery, but therefor i have to split the long image into three images, OR using a PAN&ZOOM (without using zoom function) allows me to scroll the image, but it inserts the long image perfectly centered and not fixed at the top of the page...

    Is there another way to scroll only a part of the page?

    Thank you very much...


  2. Hi Kristian
    I have two ideas for a fix, firstly is the frame on top of your long vertical image set to "Always catch touch" in the selection dialogue box? If it is it will prevent the underlying image scrolling on touch from being detected.

    Secondly, you could set the image pan interaction to offset the image in the selection dialogue box for your object. Just change the Delta Y value under the crop heading.

    Hope this is of some help,


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