Layers Panel

  1. 7 years ago


    Is it just me, or is there a bug with arranging the layers using the Layers panel?

    I was trying to put the first layer below the second but nothing is happening. So the next option was to right-click and Arrange > Send to Back. That did the trick, so in the end I was able to do what was needed.

    However, can you please check if this is indeed in need of fixing? Thanks.


  2. Update: The project now has 5 layers and the bug (?) is not there. The layers can now be arranged properly using the layers panel.

    Just a note: the bug was encountered when the project had only two layers.

  3. Giancarlo N

    13 Oct 2015 Administrator

    Hello Janelle,
    thank you for notifying us this bug. We are working hard to fix it asap, to include a fully working layer reordering with drag and drop in the final 2.0 version.

  4. Edited 7 years ago by Janelle P

    Thank you Giancarlo. Am looking forward to the final 2.0 version.


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