Known Issues

  1. 7 years ago

    Paolo A

    26 Jun 2015 Administrator

    Here's a list of issues that we are already aware of and working to fix:

    • Italian and German Localizations are incomplete;
    • no Rulers;
    • no Guides;
    • no Video poster frame selector;
    • PSDs saved in CMYK color space are not handled correctly;
    • Masked Image filters are not shown correctly on stage and Quick Preview;
    • Touch Events are always in desktop-mode in Quick Preview, even when run on a touch-capable Windows device;
    • Accelerometer/Shake events do not work in Quick Preview, even when run on a Windows device with accelerometer;
    • Sometimes keyboard shortcuts may not respond properly.

    Please do not start a new conversation on any of these topics, the post might be closed.

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