Carriage return paragraph spacing not working

  1. 2 years ago

    Hi Forum and Pubcoder team... recently upgraded to the latest 3.4.1 (984) version on Mac and am now having a problem with the carriage return when typing in a scrolling text box.

    I am unable to leave a space between the paragraphs. Every time I type something and press return to leave a space as soon as I click off the text box the text shifts up to leave no paragraph spaces.

    What is going on?
    Kind regards,

  2. Hi, A P!

    I'm having that exact same issue! Did you figure out a solution? No matter what I try, the interface won't retain the space between paragraphs!

  3. Angelo S

    9 Feb 2019 Administrator

    We are aware of the problem and already have a fix for this. We will release it next monday.


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