Privacy policy info?

  1. last year


    Google Play asks for a link to the privacy policy for every app. So here are a few crucial questions:

    1)- Does Pubcoder created apps collect any type of user data?
    2)- What types of permissions do the apps require while installing and running (for iOS and Android)
    3)- So, what do we need to disclose as "Privacy Policy" for apps created by Pubcoder?


  2. 11 months ago

    Hi Talha,

    Did you get any answers to your questions?

    I have the same questions.

  3. 10 months ago

    Angelo S

    8 May 2019 Administrator

    Hello, as of now, PubCoder-made apps do not collect any personal user data at all.
    With iOS apps built with PubCoder 3.5 and up, we are collecting some anonymous usage analytics and crash reports, that's all.
    As of permissions, we require Internet access and WakeLock on Android (to avoid apps going to sleep while user is reading).


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