Adjusting page size of just one page

  1. 11 months ago
    Edited 11 months ago by Britni N


    I'm new to PubCoder and was wondering if it was possible to adjust the canvas/page size of just the cover page, but not the rest of the pages. I imported spreads from InDesign, but in doing that, all my pages all 1584 px across, but I want only the cover (first) page to be half that, 792 px. I hope that makes sense, could anyone help me out?

  2. 10 months ago

    Angelo S

    6 Mar 2019 Administrator

    Hello, all the pages of a project must be of the same size.
    Maybe you can import pages instead of spreads from InDesign, then turn on option "Facing pages in landscape" in the project inspector at the right of your project window, if this is what you want to obtain.


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