Google play wrongly says the app is incompatible

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    My earlier post(s) did not receive a reply, but I would really appreciate a prompt response this time.

    I have just published my app on Google Play Store and, to my surprise, Google Play says my app is incompatible with all !!! of my devices. I have uploaded the expansion file, followed all the procedures without getting any errors etc prior to the launch. I have been testing the ad-hoc version so I know it is compatible. The device catalog says my app is compatible with 10.419 devices!

    Also, the app size is shown as 2.3 mb although it has to be more than 80 mb with the expansion file. I don't know if this is normal?

    Here is the link to the app:

    Any suggestions or directions?

  2. Update:

    Using Google Play to access the app page, I do not see any incompatibility and the app size is correctly shown as 80 mb's. It also downloads and works correctly. However, the app page using a browser (the above link) still says that the app is incompatible and the file size is just 2.3 mb's.

    So, obviously there is some sort of error or a bug related to the browser access. I don't know if this is related to Pubcoder or Google. Any ideas or suggestions?

  3. Angelo S

    6 Mar 2019 Administrator

    For other users interested in the topic. This was fixed, something went wrong with the APK/expansion file upload.


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