Azardi Soundtrack Issue

  1. last year

    Hey, I've been wanting to link my ePub3 file in browser to an Azardi Reader file. I've tested this ePub3 book in the native Azardi desktop app, and it work surprisingly well: out of all of the other alternatives this, so far, is the closest thing to the fluidity and fully featured results I can get with Apple Books).

    My reason for wanting a desktop/browser option for readers is because there are some in my audience who simply do not own an iPhone/iPad – and to date, there is nothing on Android that is similar to Apple Books. Azardi is the closest thing I've found. So with this in mind, it seems all of the interactive stuff from PubCoder carries over very nicely, however the Soundtrack option doesn't seem to work/play at all. Is there a workaround for this?

    I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!


  2. Angelo S

    12 Mar 2019 Administrator

    As stated in the documentation, Soundtrack in EPUB 3 is an iBooks-specific extension that is widely adopted by many readers but is not part of the EPUB 3 standard, and may not work in some EPUB readers.

  3. Thanks for the response Angelo, cheers!


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