unable to change code editor

  1. 5 weeks ago

    Mac (mojave), pubcoder 3.9 (1077)
    i have tried changing the code editor in the preferences to atom, but when i open the code editor in pubcoder it still opens the built in Ace editor. even after restarting pubcoder.

    i also tried visual studio, but it won't work either.

    am i doing something wrong? or is this a bug?

  2. 4 weeks ago

    ok, so i gave up and i'm just using the built it ace editor, i suppose the layers integration is usefull,

    but i noticed that if i get an error in my javascript in the preview viewer and choose to open the file, it does actualy take me to the external editor.

  3. 3 weeks ago

    Angelo S

    Jun 11 Administrator

    Hello Ewan, the external code editor is for opening code files (e.g. in library or exported), not code inside pubcoder pages, projects, or actions, which are always handled by the internal ACE code editor.


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