Animation sound issue when viewed in ibooks

  1. 2 years ago

    I have an animation that plays motion and sound correctly on the pubcoder stage and in preview on my desktop (windows)
    However when I preview in ibooks the sound doesn't sync with the motion correctly.

    the animation is 20 frames with an embedded .mp3 sound file.

    the interaction is:

    On tap

    Play animation
    repeat 3 times

    can you advise me on which settings to check

    many thanks

  2. Hi Nadine, are you using Books app on a MacBook laptop, or on an iPad? I have a similar issue with Books on my MacBook Pro (the read-along narration doesn't play in sync with the word highlighting), but the timing is fine with Books on any iOS device.
    I am still trying to figure out if this is an issue with the Mac OS Books app, or if an adjustment could be made to Pubcoder to resolve the issue.

  3. Hi Kathryn
    My issue is happening on an iPad
    I will let you know if I figure it out, please also keep me posted if you solve it

  4. How many frames are in your animation? And is the audio embedded in the animation, or separate? Angelo advised me to use video instead of animation for my books, which I've finally realised is good advice and switched to that. I had 72 frames in each of my animations (1 per page). The video file is a much smaller data package than the animation, and doesn't interfere with the timing of my audio read-aloud narration. There are some settings when you embed video to make it work the same way as an animation - I can let you know about those if you think that would be a solution for you.

  5. last year

    Hello Kathryn, sorry I missed your reply, can you link me to your books so I can see how your videos look in the end result, it would be helpful to know the settings you suggested.


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