Manual Read-Aloud Set Up Not Working

  1. 2 years ago

    I have a page where the text and audio are replicated from an earlier page. I want to manually set up the read-aloud by using the same smil and audio assets generated for the earlier page, so I don't have to re-sync it. When I do this, the audio is embedded in the page, but the highlighting doesn't occur. It's definitely enabled for the project - it works on other pages.
    I have to resync the audio using the wizard, which defeats the purpose of being able to set it up manually.
    Am I missing a step?

  2. Angelo S

    20 Jan 2021 Administrator

    this should work. Just be sure to copy/paste the entire textbox on the new page, so it will contain also the references (IDs) that are used the link the text with the SMIL


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