Text Box not saving content

  1. 11 months ago

    Hi, I'm currently running the trial version. Just started a second project and I am encountering a small but very annoying problem.

    The text box is often not saving what I have entered. Sometimes the text will just disappear, other times it won't save the changes I have made. I can go from one page, where I made the changes, to another and back again and the text has changed or disappeared.

    The only way I can seem to solve this is to save go to save after every change, but I am not sure this is really helping.

    Its a very simple project, 1 image and 1 text box per page, 10 pages.

    Is there a setting for autosave that I may have turned off?

    Its annoying, having to pick up these unwanted changes and re-edit the text for the page, but also worrying that I might miss something and publish without noticing the text is missing.

    The first project went fine and didn't notice this problem. The only difference is that I am using a different rendition.

    Can someone advise?

  2. 10 months ago

    Angelo S

    22 Feb 2021 Administrator

    Hello Carl,
    probably you are switching page with the text box still in editing mode (with the blinking cursor). Seems to be a bug, but in the meantime, be sure yo click out of the box before switching page, this will make it get out of the editing mode and save the changes.


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