Pubcoder 4 Beta

  1. 5 months ago


    1.Internet explorer is not anymore a compatible browser?

    1. When viewing a project on web the page, the page thumbnails by default are empty (grayed)
    2. I've a Show Object action (with fade) inside an action list that is fired under javascript. On Windows, when previewing the project on HTML5 via wifi on Edge and Chrome the object shows immediately and does not fades in.
    3. The read aloud seems ok.

    Great work.

  2. Angelo S

    Apr 28 Administrator

    Hello Humberto,

    • no, Internet Explorer is not supported anymore
    • about the show object issues, can you please upload your pubcoder project here so I can test it?

    Best Regards,

  3. Hi Angelo,

    I've just uploaded the project. Please check page P2 to see the issue nr. 2 .


  4. Angelo S

    May 4 Administrator
    Edited 5 months ago by Angelo S

    Hello Humberto,
    I tested your project:

    1. thank you for spotting this, it's a bug that occurs when showing the menu using the "Open App Menu" action and it will be fixed with the next beta or in the final 4.0 release (few days away anyway)
    2. I cannot reproduce this, I mean see the P2-city-day fading correctly. Tested on Mac, iOS, Windows, Chrome, Edge, Safari

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