Audio loop

  1. last year

    I'm trying to build an audio loop with a small audio sound effect prepared for that purpose (WAV file) but I'm having a small "pause" between audio iterations.
    I've tried the following approaches:

    • Play Audio object with Loop flag
    • Play Audio object with a repeat action
    • Play Audio File with a repeat action

    Is it possible to avoid this?

    Tested in quick preview mode with Pubcoder 4 latest beta version


  2. I haven't tried this in pubcoder but know that with HTML5 in Tumult Hype I've always found a small pause between loops of audio - to get around this I make the audio longer if possible without increasing file size too much (create the loop in audio software speak) then have short fade ins and out at the end so you don't hear the loop as abruptly.

  3. Thanks Van S, for your suggestion.


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