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    I can't see an action to show the table of contents - I can open the Localisations menu and the App menu but can't see an option for the TOC. Can this be done through javascript as a work around?

  2. Angelo S

    9 Jun 2021 Administrator

    Hello Van,
    what format are you talking about? In XPUB, HTML or iOS/Android app export you have an action to "show app menu", which shows the reader UI including the TOC button. There's not an option to show the Table of contents directly.

  3. Thanks for letting me know Angelo - I'm working with both HTML and XPUB export (which will eventually be iOS/Android apps).
    We were investigating the idea of creating our own interface but have now decided to use the default app menu - the localisations (to change language), table of content and thumbnails are all very useful.

  4. Edited last year by Van S

    I have a follow-up question - is it possible to make an action to hide the app menu, or (even better) show/hide the app menu (like the play/pause video action)?

    I can make an overlay button to show the app menu, but there is no option to make an action to hide the app menu.

    We are concerned about users of our site/app not always knowing to tap to show and hide the app menu and wish to make buttons to help them. We also have pages containing a video that fills the entire page, making it impossible to show/hide the app menu on those pages since any touch plays/pauses the video.

  5. Angelo S

    29 Jun 2021 Administrator

    Hello Van,
    there's an action to show app menu, clicking everywhere on the page will hide it.

  6. Thanks Angelo. We have multiple pages with a video that takes up the entire screen so in this case you can't click anywhere to hide the app menu - that's why I was looking for a specific action to add to a button to hide the app menu.

    However I have gotten around this by inserting rectangles over the top of the video with 'always catch touch' chosen so that if someone navigates to a full-screen video page with the app menu open they are still able to click or tap to hide the app menu. This was particularly tricky on a full-screen video page because the app menu hides the playback controls.


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