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  1. 6 years ago

    K8 Publishing
    Many issues Counter :
    object not supported
    audio object not supported
    button not supported
    video not supported ….

    Interactivity doesn't work
    Is it normal ?


  2. Angelo S

    4 Dec 2015 Administrator

    Sadly, yes. Interactivity is not supported at all on KF8.
    If you are exporting your book for other formats too, you can use interactive objects on the other formats and disable them in the KF8 workspace to dismiss the errors.

    The only interactive feature supported by the KF8 fixed layout format is magnification:


  3. 5 years ago


    In the format of my project, I selected KF8. When I publish the project, there is a sequence of events ( building page, rendering page, validating EPUB etc), after it gets to "Generating MOBI files", the publishing seems to have been completed but the file cannot be found anywhere in my folder. I repeated this a few times and also checked all the in other folders on my computer but don't seem to be able to locate it anywhere. Where does the published file disappear to?

    Also, I've been having a lot of problems with PubCoder messing up my punctuation. It randomly decides to eliminate spacing between words and also the spacing after a comma or fullstop. During the Read Aloud sync, the punctuation sometimes come up as a word of its own. It's very erratic and inconsistent. And also very frustrating. I spent a lot of time, reformatting my text.

    Please advise.

  4. Angelo S

    15 Feb 2016 Administrator

    @Chiao Kee L Please advise.

    Hello Chiao, please send me your project file over DropBox using this link so I can try to understand what's going on:


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