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    I need to find an easy method for limiting the user to play only one embedded mp3-file at a time. I realize this should be possible with some small piece of javascript.

    This is what I tried Run Javascript action on the interaction tab for tapping:


    The result I need is that when I click on a play image, all play buttons on the page, except the one tapped on, should become unvisible as well as non-clickable. As a start, I created a css-class for all play buttons on the page (called bt1 in the example). Then, trying the following code, is not working. Please can someone explain to me why nothing is happening and what I need to add?
    EDIT: Well, it sort of works.... But the hide animation doesn't play anymore because it's a separate the drag and drop action. What's the javascript code for "rotate out"? I suppose I need to put in some more code starting with "transition:" ...............


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