Container background colour and Poster image

  1. 2 years ago

    I'm having trouble with pages loading initially to the background colour, despite setting poster images on all videos.
    I'm exporting to xpub, and the behaviour is different in different languages.
    When I try to create a poster image using a video frame I get an error message (I think this is happening since the last Pubcoder version update?).
    I had previously saved images, so I am linking to an image from the asset files.
    I am setting the background colour to #000000FF for images and videos (if it has to appear before the image or video, I'd rather white than black).
    I managed to get the Spanish version in the xpub working properly, I think by unlinking and relinking all the poster images, but then when I went to do the same thing in the English and French versions, it didn't fix those and it corrupted some pages in the Spanish version again!

  2. I have just tried recreating the entire project from scratch (in case it was the project which is corrupted somehow), and I am no longer getting the error message when creating a poster image, but in the exported xpub file I still have the random pages showing blank pages before the video appears. Which pages are affected varies across different language localisations, despite only editing in the default localisation. I'm not having the issue with exporting to epub.


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