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    Sun Jun 26 17:02:24 2022
    Carlos A started the conversation Problems with clone() and a Drag action.

    Hi All. A few weeks ago Angelo helped me with the cloning function, and I thank you very much for this. I have used what I learned from you example in several of the projects I have been working on.

    In some of my projects, I have uses the clone function to move objects to a particular area of the project. Using your example of the basketballs, I need to drop balls in a basket. If I drop the ball outside the basket, I want it to go back to its initial position. I have used the drag event on the balls and add the "Move Object --self" to initial position if the ball is dropped outside the target area. It is not working for me for me. When I drag the ball outside the target basket, the ball does not return to the initial position.

    Can you please help me with this? What am I doing wrong?

  2. 2 months ago
    Fri Apr 29 21:21:04 2022
    Carlos A posted in Cloning Objects.

    Thank you very much Angelo. I really appreciate your help.

  3. Wed Apr 27 16:20:06 2022
    Carlos A started the conversation Cloning Objects.

    Hi all,
    I have an object (a circle) the I need to drag a maximum of 10 times to a basket. How can I clone the object (circle) so when I drag it to the basket it does not disapear?

  4. Wed Apr 27 16:14:50 2022
    Carlos A posted in Recover pub code from ePub.

    Thank you. I am going to have to reconstruct seven projects I was about to publish.

  5. Tue Apr 19 02:55:03 2022

    Thank you!

  6. Mon Apr 18 22:33:38 2022
    Carlos A started the conversation Recover pub code from ePub.

    Hi all,

    I lost the *.pubcoder files of several projects I have been working on. I mistakenly erased them form an external disk trying to solve problems the new OSX Monterey 12.3 was giving me on the first update a few weeks ago. I have used the Data Recovery Essential-DRE program to recover some files, but unable to recover the *.pubcoder files. I emailed the DRE and asked them to add the *.pubcoder format among the type of files their program is able to recover. They gave an unsatisfactory answer, saying that the pub format, which is listed in their searchable extensions, would find them. Well, I looked at the recovered pub files and the *.pubcoder files are not there.
    During my work with pubcoder I saved *.epub format of my work, and even I probably could find some *.html formats of my projects.

    Is it possible to reconstruct the *.pubcoder formats from the *.epub or *.html files?

  7. 3 months ago
    Wed Mar 23 22:56:05 2022
    Carlos A started the conversation PubCoder not working with MAC OS Monterey 12.3.

    A few days ago I updated my MAC OS Monterey 12.2 to Monterey 12.3 and since then I have not been able to open any of my .pubcoder files. First I get a MessageWindow1, asking to quit [Sorry, PubCoder encountered an unexpected error and will now quit.]. Then a MessageWindow2 shows up [An exception of class NilObjectException was not handled. The application must shut down.] Any ideas on how to solve the problem?

  8. 5 months ago
    Sun Jan 30 16:26:24 2022
    Carlos A started the conversation Text and label objects difference.

    What is the difference between a text and label objects?

  9. 9 months ago
    Mon Sep 6 15:01:41 2021
    Carlos A started the conversation Counter Initial Value.

    Hi All,
    Is it possible to set a counter initial value yo a negative number?

  10. 10 months ago
    Fri Aug 27 22:56:07 2021

    Hi all,

    while working on page 4 of a project, my page content reduced to almost a point located at (0,0) on the stage. This event happened while I was trying to reduce a text box. The situation had happened to me several times and I was able to recover the zoom level after clicking several times the Undo command. This time I have not been able to recover the normal zoom level.
    Any idea why this is happening and how to recover my 100% zoom level of the page?