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  1. 4 years ago
    Wed Mar 6 19:42:00 2019
    yacine D posted in Drag object not listed.

    I understand now. I had to click drag event first in order to see it. Thank you!

  2. Sun Mar 3 03:09:51 2019
    yacine D started the conversation Drag object not listed.


    I'm using version 3.4.2.

    My problem is I don't see the "Drag object" option on actions. Has it been removed?

  3. 6 years ago
    Fri Oct 27 17:52:48 2017
    yacine D posted in disable page navigation.

    Thanks for the code. Changed mine, but somehow it didn't work. So, I had to revert to specifying the right and left.

  4. Thu Oct 26 14:29:01 2017
    yacine D posted in disable page navigation.

    Okay, I've found a solution. I added a custom CSS to hide the navigation arrows.

    div#SCNavigationRight {
        display: none;}
    div#SCNavigationLeft {
        display: none;}
  5. Thu Oct 26 14:08:10 2017
    yacine D posted in disable page navigation.

    That's already disabled. The menu is not the problem, but it's the page navigation. I also disabled "show page navigation" but it still shows those little arrows.

  6. Wed Oct 25 16:47:07 2017
    yacine D started the conversation disable page navigation.

    I want to export to html5 and ios app. So, question: How do I disable page navigation? those right and left arrows. I have my own navigation button on a quiz, and I want students to continue only if they select the correct answer. Right now they can easily just go to next page without answering quiz questions.

  7. 7 years ago
    Sun Jun 26 11:37:09 2016
    yacine D posted in export.

    Do you mean you want the text highlighted? An ebook with text highlight?

  8. Sun Jun 26 11:33:23 2016
    yacine D started the conversation Read aloud overlay .

    Everything works great except the read aloud overlay. The overlay stops in the middle of the page. The read aloud overlay half of the page only.

    I inspected the code and notice that -epub-media-overlay is missing in the remaining text. I kept redoing the read aloud to make sure. It works fine when I preview it in Pubcoder, but it's not working in final output.

    Is there a way to fix the problem? Any suggestion will help.