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  1. 6 months ago
    Tue Jan 12 12:26:55 2021
    Aldo D posted in Pubcoder and Big Sur.

    Dear Angelo,

    I have updated OS and i am working with Pubcoder every day. I have noticed something new since I installed Big Sur. It often happens that the Pubcoder stage freezes and does not scroll anymore. At that point I save and sometimes it starts again, other times I have to close and reopen. Relevant , as measure, is that this happens only since I changed the operating system.
    If there is anything I can do to give you further information, I would be happy to do so.

    Thanks for your cooperation
    iMAc OS 11.1

  2. 7 months ago
    Tue Dec 22 10:56:28 2020
    Aldo D posted in Pubcoder and Big Sur.

    Thank you, I will upgrade immediately, I have been waiting for this news

  3. Tue Nov 24 17:37:24 2020
    Aldo D posted in Video not playing on iPad.

    Hi Dustin, I am not an expert, but I have used video in Pubcoder many times and I never had the problem you are talking about with iPad. The only thing I suggest is to try to encode mp4 using HandBrake or Miro Video Converter by setting the iOS profile.
    Not all mp4 are the same. If it doesn't work you need someone better than me technically.

    What I noticed is that the autoplay command doesn't work on mac and iPad, you have to use an action.

  4. 8 months ago
    Sat Nov 21 11:20:20 2020
    Aldo D started the conversation Pubcoder and Big Sur.

    Dear Sirs,
    Unless I missed it, I haven't read anything about the compatibility of Pubcoder with Big Sur. Can I update my mac? Has anyone already done? Is there a conflict? Sorry, but I was a victim of Catalina in the time of iBook Author, updating the OS it no longer worked. Expert news would be much appreciated.

  5. Sat Nov 7 13:08:14 2020

    Dear Sirs,
    If I didn't do something wrong, setting up a 1024 x 768 ebook and drawing scrolling pages, for example 1024 x 2304 ( three screens ), there is no possibility to export the whole page in pdf. Am I wrong? Will it exist later? This limitation does not allow the construction of a pdf version of the book in any way. A PDF version is essential for submission to copyright certifying bodies in accordance with recent European law. Thank you. Aldo Di Russo

  6. Tue Nov 3 19:21:01 2020
    Aldo D posted in Image caption.

    I will Thank you.

  7. Tue Nov 3 18:54:48 2020
    Aldo D posted in Image caption.

    Hello Angelo,
    Thank you for your quick answer.
    I mean a classic visible caption that can be one with the image. It currently exists in the gallery, but not in the image. I'm making 10 books with more than one hundred images each and doing the captions by adding a rectangle and a text box is Carthusian monk work. Plus every action: disappear, appear, must be programmed three times.
    I will write to support, where can I find information about the development package? Interesting.

  8. Mon Nov 2 17:59:58 2020
    Aldo D started the conversation Image caption.

    Dear Sirs,
    I need to have a vast number of images with proper description ( caption). As far as i know, the image object has no chance of getting a caption from the filename as the gallery object does?
    I tried to use the gallery with only one image, the caption works, but it doesn't have the possibility of "tap" "touch up" interaction.
    is there a way to do it? Can you help me?


  9. last year
    Fri Jul 3 14:55:02 2020
    Aldo D posted in Import from Word and Pages.

    Dear Angelo,

    Yes it is what we do at the moment with other software. a good pdf is the base to have a proper editorial graphic design and not a "webish page". I have to confess that i will go on with pubcoder. As trial i just re edit a previous book and, after two learning days i have a good result.
    What i like more than others:
    It works and it is reliable
    it is clear what you can do what you can't
    Rendition (fantastic tool)

    What we miss:
    wrapping text around a png (iBook author is perfect)
    text flowing automatically through pages with column and page interruption if required (scrolling page is an alternative but not very bookwise)

    I am waiting as all publishing market for Apple to allow pages to import .iba to see what happen.


  10. Sun Jun 14 13:21:57 2020
    Aldo D posted in Import from Word and Pages.

    Hello, everybody,

    I've been studying Pubcoder for a day and I think Lars is right.

    The application is perfect for adding widgets to a layout that doesn't have the features of authoring software. For example, I don't think we can automatically flow text from one page to another or easily place a pgn image in text wrapping. This should be done with other software, OK. In your case only with In design which, by the way, has is own plug in to add widgets, and it works very well exporting in epub3.
    90% of Pubcoder's competitors import PDFs generated externally: it is an option. Importing Pages will be more and more important if you think that Apple is transferring the functions of iBook Author to pages. I understand the position of Angelo, I just wanted to express an opinion having produced for the Apple platform a lot of books.
    thanks and stay in touch