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    Tue Nov 24 18:21:46 2020
    H Hollis T posted in Problem exporting an Android.

    Exact same problem, I am an on a MACBook Pro Version 10.11.6

  2. Wed Nov 4 03:24:25 2020
    H Hollis T started the conversation google play license key.

    Ok more confusion. So I am trying to do another export to 'android' but I got an error that about google play. So when I followed along with its asking for a google place license key, how and where do I get that?

  3. Wed Nov 4 03:09:13 2020
    H Hollis T started the conversation Epub Validation Failed.

    I am new to pubcoder. We have an ebook with artwork, so the images I used were high quality since I found that pubcoder reduces the images to the appropriate size for the output.

    I have read aloud audio files that all seem to work fine.

    I have inserted 3 videos, but they are mp4's not from youtube.

    I consolidated everything.

    I cannot figure out why pubcoder says "Epub Validation Failed" Is there a way to get more information as to WHY it failed?

    It is a pretty big file because of the images.