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    Fri Feb 5 21:14:13 2021
    D Dustin R started the conversation XPUB on desktop / laptop?.


    I released an EPUB on Apple Books and users are able to read the book on any Apple device and Mac desktop / laptop.

    I'm hoping to release an Android version and was wondering if it's also possible to view an XPUB file on a Windows desktop?

    My EPUB has interactive features that do not work well in any Android reader that I tested, so exporting as XPUB and using PubReader is my only option for mobile.

    I haven't tested the EPUB on a PC desktop, but I'm guessing it won't be great since there is not one standard reader like Books has for Apple devices / Mac computers.

    Anyone have success creating an interactive ebook for PC?


  2. Thu Feb 4 21:42:43 2021
    D Dustin R posted in Custom Table of Contents on iPad.

    Click here to see the screen recording

  3. Thu Feb 4 21:37:25 2021
    D Dustin R started the conversation Custom Table of Contents on iPad.

    Hello! I hope you're well.

    I've created a custom table of contents to better navigate my EPUB and it works quite well. The only problem is that on iPad when you tap one of the buttons to go to a different page, it brings up the thumbnails and ebook menu items (as it does when you tap the screen once).

    So then you have to tap again to hide the extras. Is there any way to NOT have them pop up when you tap the screen?

    I have a screen recording but I'm not sure how to attach it here...


  4. Thu Feb 4 19:20:45 2021
    D Dustin R posted in Android App Project Settings.

    Hi, Carol. Thanks!
    Wow that was hard to find... Nowhere in the Goole help files did it say anything about looking in the Monetize section for the license key. Thank you!

  5. Fri Jan 29 22:40:58 2021
    D Dustin R started the conversation Android App Project Settings.

    I have created an EPUB using Pubcocer and it works great. Android users are asking me to create an android version, but since there are many interactive features, it has been suggested to me to export the project as an Android App instead of trying to get the EPUB to work properly on Android devices..

    It's my first time doing this and I'm googling everything I can, but I can't seem to figure out even the simplest things to get started.

    One of the settings I need is the "Google Play License Key". I have created a Google Play Developer account and create an app in my dashboard.

    The instructions say this:
    Sign in to your Play Console.
    Click All Applications .
    Select an app.
    Select Development tools > Services and APIs.
    Find the section labeled, "Your license key for this application."

    I've selected my app and there is nothing in the console that resembles "Development Tools" or "Services and APIs".

    It seems plain and simple but I can't figure it out. If you have any suggestions for a tutorial video or anything like that, please let me know. I'm pulling out my hair!

    Thank you. Hope you're well,

  6. Tue Nov 24 21:59:21 2020
    D Dustin R started the conversation Page thumbnails in not visible in Apple Books.

    When I look at my EPUB in Apple Books on my Mac and click the Thumbnails button at the top left, the boxes with page numbers appear along the bottom of the page, but no images.

    When I use iPad, the thumbnails appear when I tap the screen, but it takes them a while to load.

    Is there something I can do in Pubcoder before exporting that will embed the thumbnails?

  7. Tue Nov 24 02:22:42 2020
    D Dustin R started the conversation Video not playing on iPad.

    Hello! I hope you're well.

    I have an intro video that autoplays on page 1 of my e-book (EPUB)

    It works great on a Mac, but does not play on my iPad. It just shows a black screen. I'm trying to watch it in Apple Books app.

    The video file is H.264 .MP4 and I just can't get it to work.

    Does anyone here know a fix for iPad??

    I have to upload the EPUB to Apple in 2 days, so I'm starting to panic a bit...

    Thank you!

  8. Fri Oct 23 19:48:47 2020
    D Dustin R started the conversation Image colour off in PubCoder.

    I want to match the font colour to a solid colour in graphic file on the same page. So in Photoshop I used the eyedropper to get the #code for that colour.

    When I apply the code to the font, it's darker than the colour in the graphic.

    Then I realized it's because when I import the graphic into Pubcoder, it made the colours lighter than they are in Photoshop.

    I'm using sRGB in both programs, and embedding the document colour into the JPG file.

    Anyone know why the image looks lighter in PubCoder than the actual image?