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  1. last week
    Wed Jul 10 16:48:51 2019

    The issue has been fixed in today's update of PubCoder - Version 3.6.0 (1024).

  2. 2 weeks ago
    Wed Jul 3 22:46:18 2019

    I just tried to upload another app that was approved by "Application Loader" just 5 days ago.
    It gives the same error message - so, I guess it really is a new Apple requirement?
    So, currently it's not possible to have iOS apps made with PubCoder approved.

  3. Wed Jul 3 22:31:03 2019

    When uploading an iOS app from "Application Loader" I get the following error message:

    ERROR ITMS-90783: "Missing bundle display name. The Info.plist key CFBundleDisplayName is missing
    or has an empty value in the bundle with bundle identifier 'com.ballyland.app2giverotor'."

    From what I've found it seems to be a new Apple requirement - and there doesn't seem to be an option to enter a "bundle display name" in PubCoder?

  4. 3 weeks ago
    Wed Jun 26 23:05:41 2019
    J John N started the conversation Wrong languages in App Store.

    I have a new app in Apple's App Store. The language of the app is Dutch.
    But in the App Store it says "Language: Dutch, English, Italian".
    Is there an option to set only "Dutch" to be displayed as language?

  5. Wed Jun 26 23:00:27 2019

    Hello Angelo, Thanks a lot - yes, local storage now works perfectly.

  6. 2 months ago
    Sun May 12 17:01:29 2019
    J John N started the conversation Local Storage not working in XPUB 2.0/WKWebView.

    It seems that Local Storage is not working with XPUB 2.0/WKWebView - published as an iOS app.

    It does work as long as an app is open - saving changes of values when going between pages.
    But it doesn't read the saved values after closing an app and reopen it.

    I am not using Session storage but storage without any expiration.
    It has always worked before XPUB and WebView were updated.
    Has anyone got it to work?

    here's my code that used to work:
    if (localStorage.getItem("myVarName") === null) {
    localStorage.myVarName = "true";
    mySavedValue = localStorage.myVarName;
    mySavedValue = localStorage.myVarName;

  7. 4 months ago
    Fri Mar 22 12:57:37 2019
    J John N started the conversation Apple warning iOS 12.1 SDK.

    At App Store Connect it says:

    "As a reminder, starting March 27, 2019 all new apps and app updates for iPhone or iPad, including universal apps, will need to be built with the iOS 12.1 SDK and support iPhone XS Max or the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd generation)."

    When will there be an update of Pubcoder for these new requrements?

  8. Sun Mar 17 12:44:35 2019
    J John N started the conversation Unzipping a .pubcoder file.

    I have tried out a procedure that seems to work.
    I have a Pubcoder iOS app in English that is going to be made into a Spanish version.
    The app includes a huge amount of mp3 files with speech.
    I could of course edit each and every sound object but I came to think there maybe could be an easier way.

    This is what I did:

    • I named all the Spanish mp3 files with the same filenames as their English equivalents.
    • I unzipped the .pubcoder file and got the 'Contents' folder.
    • I went into the 'Contents -> Resources -> audio' folder and replaced all the English mp3 files with the Spanish files.
    • I zipped the 'Contents' folder and renamed the extension from 'zip' to 'pubcoder'.

    Then I could open the file in Pubcoder and all the English had become Spanish in one go.

    What I would like to know is if there are any drawbacks or pitfalls doing this 'trick'?


  9. 5 months ago
    Mon Feb 18 21:13:39 2019

    Thanks, Angelo.

  10. Mon Feb 18 11:28:22 2019

    Thanks, Angelo - will it be a good idea then to wait with launching a new app until you have updated Pubcoder with the iOS 12.1 SDK? We have a new app ready but can wait the few days until March.

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