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    Sat Nov 6 10:38:19 2021

    Amp T I am still able to export apk files. How will this suspension affect the file?

    You can't upload an APK anymore for apps created after August 2021 - it needs to be an Android App Bundle (which PubCoder can't currently export/create):

  2. Wed Nov 3 14:03:56 2021

    This is a dealbreaker for me.

    I purchased PubCoder a couple of months ago and immediately raised concerns about the fact Android export was no longer working, but was assured it would be resolved within a couple of months. A Shelf license at 3,500 Euros per year is not an option.

    I have contacted Support directly about this.

  3. 2 years ago
    Wed Feb 3 16:30:20 2021
    C Carol B posted in Android App Project Settings.

    Hi Dustin

    I think you can find that by going into your app on the Play Console, then in the left hand side under Monetize you should see Monetize Setup. On that page you should find a license key. Hopefully it's the one you're looking for!