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  1. 7 months ago
    Mon Apr 4 12:39:51 2022
    P Pedro A T posted in Images in Quiz Widget.

    Has this option already been incorporated into the software?

  2. last year
    Wed Jan 27 13:05:07 2021
    P Pedro A T posted in Hide widgets with image.

    Thank you very much, Angelo.

    That solution is what I was working on. However, I have a doubt once a previously hidden object has been opened: to close it, for example a quiz, is there a direct way, or should I include a hidden image that becomes visible and to which to assign the action of hiding the quiz again?


  3. Mon Jan 25 13:55:33 2021
    P Pedro A T started the conversation Hide widgets with image.


    I'm starting to value PubCoder as an alternative to iBooks Author for the creation of learning materials for my students, and I have some doubts about how it works.

    For example, how to hide a widget, for example a test, with an image? So that when you click on it, the test will be displayed.

    Thank you very much.