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  1. 3 months ago
    Fri Sep 1 19:17:07 2023
    P Pedro A T started the conversation Modify the title of the "Table of Contents".

    I'm sure it's much simpler than it looks, but I don't know how to do it.
    Is it possible to modify the title of the "Table of Contents" to make it suitable for another language, for example Spanish?



  2. 11 months ago
    Mon Jan 9 18:35:25 2023
    P Pedro A T started the conversation Find word does not work in Ibooks.


    I am having a issue when exporting a project in Epub format, for use in Apple's iBooks.

    In both the Mac and iPad apps, iBooks is not able to search for any words in the text of the book, it always returns a result of no results.

    I can't highlight words in that app either.

    Is there something I should know before continuing with the project in Pubcoder? Am I doing something wrong?



  3. Sun Jan 8 12:08:49 2023
    P Pedro A T posted in Images in Quiz Widget.

    Not yet available and planned for implementation in the near future?

  4. last year
    Mon Apr 4 12:39:51 2022
    P Pedro A T posted in Images in Quiz Widget.

    Has this option already been incorporated into the software?

  5. 2 years ago
    Wed Jan 27 13:05:07 2021
    P Pedro A T posted in Hide widgets with image.

    Thank you very much, Angelo.

    That solution is what I was working on. However, I have a doubt once a previously hidden object has been opened: to close it, for example a quiz, is there a direct way, or should I include a hidden image that becomes visible and to which to assign the action of hiding the quiz again?


  6. Mon Jan 25 13:55:33 2021
    P Pedro A T started the conversation Hide widgets with image.


    I'm starting to value PubCoder as an alternative to iBooks Author for the creation of learning materials for my students, and I have some doubts about how it works.

    For example, how to hide a widget, for example a test, with an image? So that when you click on it, the test will be displayed.

    Thank you very much.