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    Tue Jun 29 17:46:56 2021

    Hello Angelo, everything is working now! Thank you

  2. Wed Jun 23 09:13:34 2021


  3. Tue Jun 22 15:29:59 2021
    B Beatrice S posted in Sharing on social media.

    Thank you Angelo!

  4. Thu Jun 17 16:09:23 2021
    B Beatrice S started the conversation Drag/Drop Zones Actions – unexpected error.

    Hello, I’m trying to create a Jigsaw puzzle with the Drag & Drop action following the instructions from this old post: https://forum.pubcoder.com/14-jigsaw-puzzle

    Everything works fine until I assign a Drop Zone to an object, but whenever I try to edit the Actions related to the Drop Zone, I always get the message “unexpected error” (I cannot open the Actions list at all).
    Has everyone else occurred in this error?

  5. Thu Jun 17 12:38:53 2021

    Hi Van, thank you for answering! In my case I have multiple formats (for example iPad, mobile) but only one language: my concern was simply to not take up too much space to not affect the actual loading time, but effectively as you said it will load only a single rendition, so probably it won't be an issue.

  6. Wed Jun 16 14:35:36 2021
    B Beatrice S posted in trascina con obiettivo.

    Ciao Laura, anche io mi trovo nella stessa situazione.
    Nel mio caso riesco ad assegnare l'azione "Drag/Trascina oggetto" a un oggetto, imposto la zona di rilascio, ma non appena clicco sulle "Azioni" relative appunto alla zona di rilascio mi compare sempre il messaggio "Si è verificato un errore inatteso". È la stessa cosa che succede anche a te?

  7. Mon Jun 14 12:26:25 2021
    B Beatrice S started the conversation Renditions and Assets Size Optimization.

    Hello, I’m currently working on a project that uses multiple renditions (I have 4 different formats) that I’ll export as an HTML5 and I'm trying to keep the package size under control.
    I understand that each Rendition is independent of the others and this is the reason why we have a specific subfolder for every Rendition: however, is it possible to have all the images linked from just one folder instead of having an "images folder" inside each Rendition? (In my case, this means that I have the same set of images copied x4 as I have 4 different renditions).
    Thank you!

  8. Thu Jun 3 16:58:41 2021
    B Beatrice S posted in Sharing on social media.

    Hello, does the current version of Pubcoder still have the option to have social media sharing buttons/embedding for the HTML5 output? I cannot see those sharing options on the Project Settings. Thanks for helping

  9. Fri May 28 09:21:15 2021
    B Beatrice S posted in Quiz.

    Ok, thank you for your help!

  10. Thu May 27 17:08:50 2021
    B Beatrice S started the conversation Quiz.

    Hello, I have two questions concerning quiz creations:

    1- It is possible to create a quiz that doesn’t have answers classified as correct or wrong, and allows the users to simply select an answer to get the “perfect!” outcome? To synthesize: the user selects one answer, then clicks the “check” button, and the result will always be “perfect” in any case (no wrong or correct answer).
    2- It is possible to have the same quiz with saved answers on two different pages? To make an example: I complete quiz A on page 1, then I encounter again quiz A on page 10 with the answers that I gave on page 1.

    Thank you!