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  1. 10 months ago
    Thu Aug 19 15:25:33 2021

    Looks like you can do this for exported apps by unchecking "Swipe to navigate" on the project page.

    I can't seem to disable this for the preview though. ???

  2. Fri Aug 6 20:42:01 2021
    B Brett E started the conversation Is it possible to track page views?.


    Has anyone tried integrating with google analytics, mixpanel, or any other analytics tool to collect anonymized engagement data from a pubcoder android or ios app? Is that possible?

    Basically, i'm building an interactive story and I want to know which storylines get read the most so I just want to track how many times each page was viewed.


  3. 11 months ago
    Sun Aug 1 03:52:28 2021

    Odd... Pubcoder just started showing all the various iOS simulators in exports. Yesterday i saw an option called "ios simulator" and when i clicked on it i had to install xcode. Then that option went away. But today, that option is still gone, however, it's been replaced with an option for over 10 ios devices that run in the simulator. Im not sure what happened, but ios previews in the simulator are now working for me.

  4. Sat Jul 31 13:23:52 2021
    B Brett E started the conversation Can I disable swiping to turn the page?.

    Hi there,

    When I export to an app (say android), the user can swipe left or right to turn the page. This is a great default feature for most use cases. However, im not building a linear story and i'm using buttons to control the navigation. So I would like to disable page turning via swipe when I export my project to an app. But I don't see any options in the pubcoder UI to do that. Is this possible?

    Thank you!!!

  5. Sat Jul 31 12:12:22 2021

    Hi There!

    I was wondering if I can trigger the Read Aloud text highlighting on load event of pubcoder preview? Meaning, when the page is previewed in pubcoder, can the previewer automatically read the text and highlight the text being read?

    URL: https://docs.pubcoder.com/pubcoder_read_aloud.html
    URL: https://docs.pubcoder.com/pubcoder_events_and_actions.html#read-aloud-started

    If this is not possible to do in the previewer, is it possible to trigger read aloud text highlighting on load if I export as an iOS or Android app?

    Thanks you!!!

  6. Sat Jul 31 05:11:34 2021
    B Brett E started the conversation ios simulator export option disappeard.

    Hi everyone!

    I'm new to pubcoder and am testing out the features. One thing im doing is making sure I can build an ios app. When I tried to export an ios app to the ios simulator it told me i needed to install xcode. So i installed xcode 12.1 (because im running macos 10.15.7) and confirmed the simulator exists and i can run it. But when I go back to pubcoder and try to export to the ios simulator that option is no longer there! I can only export to the app store or make an ad hoc distribution. What happened to the ios simulator option?