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    Thu Sep 9 01:21:59 2021
    G GARRETT T started the conversation Read aloud selected text.

    Is it possible to instruct pubcoder to ignore text when being read aloud? I build bilingual inter-liner text for language learning. Only the target language should be read aloud. I have been using Alberto Parrain Aeneas and Sigil in my workflow. Unfortunately some of the tools are now depreciated and it has always been a mess.

    Here is a sample of the text [missing the formatting. ]

    M. de Tréville gagne dix mille écus par an; c’est donc un fort
    M. de Tréville earns ten thousand crowns a year; it is therefore a strong
    grand seigneur. – Il a commencé comme vous, allez le voir avec
    nobleman. - He started like you, go see him with
    cette lettre, et réglez-vous sur lui, afin de faire comme lui.»
    this letter, and adjust to it, in order to do as it does.

    A short clip from YouTube

    Any help will be appreciated