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  1. 6 months ago
    Mon Nov 7 13:05:15 2022
    Riccardo G 6 posted in Unable to build android.

    Hello everyone,

    we just released version 4.3 of PubCoder, which fixes issues with macOS Ventura.
    Just choose "Check for updates" from the "PubCoder" application menu to start the update.


  2. Thu Nov 3 15:26:08 2022

    Hello Francisco,

    The "Full screen" mode is designed for computer browsers and not for mobile devices.
    Unfortunately for mobile devices it isn't supported and therefore cannot be implemented in PubCoder.
    I have corrected the problem in this FullScreenExample , now you will no longer get errors on mobile devices.


  3. 7 months ago
    Fri Oct 28 14:19:24 2022

    Hello everyone,

    we are working on integrating "Full screen" mode into PubCoder, in the meantime, I attach this file with an explanation of how to implement it using code FullScreenExample


  4. Mon Oct 24 16:55:52 2022
    Riccardo G 6 posted in set counter value.

    Hi Meron,

    There isn't code to set the value of the counter.
    The properties of the object are those you can find in the documentation.


  5. Fri Oct 21 10:56:15 2022
    Riccardo G 6 posted in set counter value.

    Hello Meron,

    "The counter object" is an object that holds a numeric value that can be increased and decreased using actions, running lists of actions contextually and when reaching a specific target value.

    You can find all the documentation about it here
    Docs - Counter Object

    If you cannot solve your problem , try to explain what you want to achieve and we will try to give you additional support :)


  6. Mon Oct 10 11:33:00 2022
    Riccardo G 6 posted in How to put "flip page" into PubCoder?.

    Hi Kara,

    I am not sure what you mean by "flip page animations", but
    in any case, you cannot insert this effect in PubCoder's project.

    The operations you can do on an imported pdf file can be found here

  7. 8 months ago
    Tue Aug 30 16:03:05 2022
    Riccardo G 6 posted in Launch multiple stories in one app.

    Hi Neil,
    launching new stories from a home screen is possible by creating a home page and removing the motion controls, leaving only clicks to link to the desired stories.

    Regarding your second question, you cannot have in-app purchases since the pubcoder export could be a book or a single application, so you can sell those export formats.
    Let me be clear: by creating the app using PubCoder you are able to sell it in the stores but not with other content within the app.

    The best solution is to create one app from which you can sell more books, we have Shelf , which is basically what you need.
    Shelf is a library app that allows you to sell your books with the in-app purchase system, or subscription or distribute those for free.
    If you are interested please contact our account manager alessandra.madonia@pubcoder.com


  8. 10 months ago
    Mon Jul 18 12:31:58 2022
    Riccardo G 6 posted in Read aloud + scrolling.

    Hello Andréas,
    yes it's possible and to help you I suggest you look at the documentation that explains step by step how to implement it.

  9. Mon Jul 18 11:55:19 2022
    Riccardo G 6 posted in Dialogue Read Aloud.

    Hello Andrés,
    I’m not sure what you mean by ‘having more than one read aloud’. You can only have one read aloud track on a single page, but this can span on more text objects to create a dialog. For more informations, take a look at this page of the documentation

    I attach an example project using read aloud.
    example of dialogue project