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  1. 6 months ago
    Thu Aug 24 19:19:09 2023

    I still cannot figure out how to import a PDF and have sharp images in my project.

  2. Wed Aug 23 18:55:53 2023

    Any help?

  3. Tue Aug 22 21:52:13 2023
    V Vikram J started the conversation Imported PDF Low Resolution and Blurry.

    I create a New Project and Select Start from PDF File.

    When i select the PDF File, i go with the default options. However, all my pages are blurry and low resolution.

    How can i fix this? I know my PDF is good, as i use it for KDP Publishing Print Books.


  4. last year
    Wed Apr 20 22:11:17 2022
    V Vikram J started the conversation Sample File for Amazon Read Aloud Book.

    I recently submitted my book to Apple Books and it was rejected. It does have read aloud feature and they require a seperate sample file to be provided. Where / how can i get this sample file? Here is a link from Apple: https://help.apple.com/itc/booksassetguide/#/itc7601469d2

  5. Fri Apr 8 01:38:11 2022

    It does work in Apple iPhone in iBooks

  6. Thu Apr 7 23:28:13 2022
    V Vikram J started the conversation No audio playing in ePub when testing in Read Aloud.

    My audio works fine in Pubcoder software in preview.

    But does not play in ePub readers when testing in Windows and Android after exporting.

    Not sure what I should be doing. Need help.