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    Mon Oct 24 13:56:06 2022
    M Meron K posted in set counter value.

    Thanks for the reply.
    I know what it does. I just want to reset its value using a code.
    Like to get its value you use PubCoder.getCounterValue(), what is the code to set its value? I can't seem to find the counter property in the PubCoder object. Or is it abstracted from the user?

  2. Thu Oct 20 15:15:27 2022
    M Meron K started the conversation set counter value.

    how do you set counter value using code ?

  3. Wed Sep 28 02:55:52 2022

    It worked! Thanks for the prompt reply. Appreciate it.

  4. Tue Sep 27 15:45:32 2022

    The trial version was working just fine, but after i bought the license, it's full of errors now.
    "Error rendering object: Lost connection with helper process"
    what's going on?
    I am on a deadline for the project I am working on, and i need urgent help.