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    Mon Jan 9 09:34:39 2017

    Hello Melina,

    Just want to share that we have the same problem with our Apps, both on Android and iOS. Of course it also depends a lot on the device used, Ipad 2 vs Ipad Air 3 , or an Samsung S3 vs Samsung S7 , however even if we tested on latest technology and premium devices it still give us 2sec loading time.

    Each page in our app has around 20-30 buttons, simply because each word is a button and when touched you need to hear a sound and the word being spelled. I think it takes this long because there is no actual preloader for previous and next page. Will be nice if there will be an option to setup a preloader for previous and next page and empty cache function.

    Our 2 books are at:


    If somebody from PubCoder wants to test & see the source, we're open to share it.

    Looking forward to see an update on this.

  2. Wed Sep 14 09:43:25 2016
    B Beldean C posted in Android Export - Error - Fixed.

    Angelo S Hello Beldean,
    PubCoder does not need Android Studio to be installed, since it only requires a subset of the Android SDK.

    @Angelo S

    Thank you for your reply. Everything works fine now.

  3. Tue Sep 13 09:56:21 2016
    B Beldean C posted in IOS Code Signing Identity.

    @David B

    I had the same problem , this is what I did , and I was able to export:

    1. Deleted certificates, from Dev account also Key Access, you need to go there and delete it manual.

    2. Restart

    3. Create new certificates, download them and install in Key Access

    4. Restart

    5. Recreate Provision Files.

    6. Start pub coder, export .

    It should work, at least it did for me.

  4. Thu Sep 8 16:35:31 2016
    B Beldean C started the conversation Android Export - Error - Fixed.

    Hello, im using version: 2.4.2 , paid license.

    This is the first time I try to export for android, I have Android Studio installed on my computer, however when i try to export i get a request to download Android see here: http://prntscr.com/cfn33m

    I move forward with the request, but after i download the file via PubCoder, i get an error "Error expanding archive." : http://prntscr.com/cfn3e0

    Is any chance somebody had the same problem ?

  5. 8 years ago
    Wed Apr 6 16:41:13 2016
    B Beldean C started the conversation Not loading ePub Ipad Air .

    Hello, We're new to pubcoder and we started doing a demo to learn how it works . We have 2 types of ipads in our office an Ipad Mini 2 and an Ipad Air.

    Ipad mini 2 - running ios. 9.2.1
    Ipad Air - running latest 9.3.1
    Iphone 6S - running latest 9.3.1

    Problem is: we export epub , load it into iBooks on iPad Mini 2 (ios 9.2.1) , loads the book, but the animations are lagging and we suspect this is because of the old device so we go to iPad Air (9.3.1) .

    Same process: Load the epub -> open in iBooks -> pop-up with the export, but the book doesn't load, neither the thumbnail in the iBook Library , it just doesnt do nothing so we cant test.

    We restarted the iPAD , we exported 2-3 times the ePub, nothing seems to solve the issue. Any suggestions ?

    I can make the ePub available for anybody who is willing to help us solve this problem. Thank you.

    Deveo Media Studio