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    Wed May 19 23:59:29 2021
    Humberto N started the conversation Loading pages.


    What's the best strategies you are using to have a smooth page transition?

    Since we can have different images sizes, layers and transparencies, sometimes we can have weird loading behaviours like having an image being visible during a few milliseconds on the page loading that was supposed to be partially hidden by another one.

    How are you workaround this kind of behaviour?


  2. Wed May 19 21:42:02 2021
    Humberto N posted in Actions on groups of objects.

    Hi Van, that would be great. I usually "group" this kind of actions with an action list that I run on a trigger object.

  3. Wed May 19 21:39:43 2021
    Humberto N posted in Audio loop.

    Thanks Van S, for your suggestion.

  4. Mon May 17 17:51:45 2021
    Humberto N started the conversation Audio loop.

    I'm trying to build an audio loop with a small audio sound effect prepared for that purpose (WAV file) but I'm having a small "pause" between audio iterations.
    I've tried the following approaches:

    • Play Audio object with Loop flag
    • Play Audio object with a repeat action
    • Play Audio File with a repeat action

    Is it possible to avoid this?

    Tested in quick preview mode with Pubcoder 4 latest beta version


  5. Wed May 5 18:16:21 2021
    Humberto N started the conversation Image object - background color.

    Setting an image background color, shows correctly on stage but not on preview.


    • image object
    • background color set to #E4B44900
    • CSS styles: border-radius: 50px;

    - Delta X and Delta Y set to a positive number

    The idea is to fill the background in order to avoid the white spaces created by delta values. Anyway we are going to workaround this.

    Stage (correct)

    Preview (incorrect)

  6. Wed May 5 17:44:22 2021

    Thanks Angelo, It seems to work also on HTML5 export.

  7. Mon May 3 20:43:39 2021

    Another option could be to disable "Tap to Open App Menu" on project settings. But then, you have to control navigation and show app menu manually using some buttons with actions.

  8. Mon May 3 20:34:24 2021
    Humberto N posted in Pubcoder 4 Beta.

    Hi Angelo,

    I've just uploaded the project. Please check page P2 to see the issue nr. 2 .


  9. Fri Apr 23 17:08:33 2021

    Hello Angelo, Ok with me also. Humberto.

  10. Fri Apr 23 17:07:39 2021
    Humberto N started the conversation Pubcoder 4 Beta.


    1.Internet explorer is not anymore a compatible browser?

    1. When viewing a project on web the page, the page thumbnails by default are empty (grayed)
    2. I've a Show Object action (with fade) inside an action list that is fired under javascript. On Windows, when previewing the project on HTML5 via wifi on Edge and Chrome the object shows immediately and does not fades in.
    3. The read aloud seems ok.

    Great work.

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