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    Tue Apr 11 14:21:52 2023
    F Felipe B 2 posted in Randomized pages.

    Hello Angelo! Thanks for the reply and the script :)

    I have another question please: How can I prevent a page that has already apperead to appear again?

    For example using the script above:

    const pagesToPickFrom = [2, 17, 20, 27, 35, 43, 46];

    I run it the first time and I get page 35; then in page 35 I run it again and I get page 17, but at this point if I run the script again, page 35 will be among the possible options: how can I prevent this?

    I want the pages to be random but at the same time I want the reading to move forward, not forward and backwards repeating pages that have already appeared.

    Thanks again!