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  1. 4 months ago
    Mon Jul 24 18:14:29 2023
    C Christopher P posted in Math.

    I see I didn't phrase it clearly as a question: So, apart from images:

    In what way can I represent mathematical formulas in pubcoder?

  2. Sun Jul 23 23:26:37 2023
    C Christopher P started the conversation Notepad.

    I am very interested in a notepad, so that the user can take notes with a digital pencil while reading.

    You can already use the drawing game without picture,
    but the pens there are clearly for drawing, not writing or taking notes.
    Is there a better option I am missing
    or an option to change the marker to a pencil etc.?

  3. Sun Jul 23 22:54:02 2023
    C Christopher P started the conversation Math.

    Hey, i am a math teacher and look for a way to show formula.
    Great would be KaTeX or LaTex, but i am glad about any kind of possibility.
    Keep up the good work.