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    Mon Oct 17 19:28:44 2016
    D Dirceu V started the conversation Is Shelf active?.

    I'm very curious about the pricing of Shelf plataform. Is that active?
    Could you send more information about it?

    Because I already sent 3 emails ( incluing via help form ), but got no response.

  2. Mon Oct 17 19:27:07 2016

    hello friends,

    there is a way to make the soundtrack play just once at each page ( stop looping ) ?

  3. Wed Oct 5 19:05:10 2016
    D Dirceu V posted in Customize Coloring Widget.

    thank so much @Paolo
    It worked. Thanks for the super support!

    I am a huge fan of PubCoder and we are producing great things here using your software.
    Keep the good work.

  4. Mon Sep 26 18:36:48 2016
    D Dirceu V started the conversation Customize Coloring Widget.

    Hi Friends,

    I'm working on a coloring book and I wondering if there's way to customize the color palete.

    We designed some icons and we want to use it instead of the standard square color palete.

    Example below:

    There a way to make it?