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  2. Thu Oct 29 17:34:40 2015
    A Amy P posted in Pubblicazione.

    Did you try updating your version of ADE? I tried the sample version on my Windows machine with version and it opened the file, the file looks horrid because ADE doesn't handle layers well.
    If I had to guess at the issue it would be that one of the interactive elements is not being supported. It opens my files with the coloring game and quizzes in it, and the read aloud without a problem. So maybe one of the other elements?
    Just idea's here! Good luck!


  3. Thu Oct 29 06:04:41 2015
    A Amy P started the conversation Google App fails to finish build.

    Using Pubcoder v 2.0.2 on Mac OS 10.11 trying to general a Google Android App. Part way through the build process it errors out saying there was a problem copying the files. I have tried it with three different books and got the same message. Two that were new and one that I successfully packaged up a couple of weeks ago.



  4. Fri Oct 16 19:25:39 2015
    A Amy P posted in Can't preview audio sync.

    Ah hah! I figured it out! The sample project worked fine. I found in the page setup on the side the Read Aloud needed "Enable Read Aloud" to be selected. Not sure why it did not auto select like it normally does. Anyway I am happy that I can now make sure the sync is correct.


  5. Thu Oct 15 05:55:03 2015
    A Amy P started the conversation Can't preview audio sync.

    I just upgraded to the new version today and opened up a project I started yesterday and when I am doing my audio sync and I hit preview nothing happens. No preview of the audio sync. When I check the text box it is showing the audio sync in the html area. But I can't seem to preview it in Pubcoder.

    I am running Pubcoder version 2.0 on Mac OS 10.11

    Help! Thanks!

  6. Mon Jul 27 06:15:13 2015
    A Amy P started the conversation Jigsaw Puzzle.

    It seems that there should be a way to do add one in, but darned if I can figure out how!
    Does anyone know?


  7. Mon Jul 27 06:14:35 2015
    A Amy P started the conversation Crashing when audio sync'ing.

    Using the new version 1.5.1 on my Mac, I noticed that I am having problems with the program crashing when I am doing the audio sync. If I do not hit next before the audio track runs out, the program crashes. It is rather annoying as the previous book I was working on had very short time between the end of the talking and the end of the track!